Sacred Sun provided power solutions for Beijing Daxing Airport
Date : 2019-10-15

On September 25, 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially opened.

With Sacred Sun’s help Beijing Daxing Airport is officially in operation

Daxing airport, the largest single terminal in the world, has been rated as the top seven wonders of the new world by the Guardian.

Full coverage of 5G signal, full process self-Service, paperless pass, face scaning all over the airport, intelligent security, electronic baggage tag... All of these represent the highest level of intelligent new technology in the new airport.

In addition, she is the largest comprehensive transportation hub in the world, together with five different modes of transportation, such as high-speed, rail transit, highway, underground comprehensive corridor and railway.

Sacred Sun provide DC power supply for 110 KV central substation and 35 KV mobile substation DC control system, and also provide power supply solution for the metro line communication system for Daxing International Airport.

Reliable products of Sacred Sun have been used in key projects of the state for many times. Today, Sacred Sun also witness and help Beijing Daxing International Airport put into operation.

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