Sacred Sun was invited to attend the Global Telecom Industry Circular Economy Forum
Date : 2019-10-25

On October 21, 2019, the China Association of Circular Economy and Orange Group jointly held the "Global Telecom Industry Circular Economy Forum" in Nanjing of Jiangsu.

Mr. Wang Hui (Orange Group)

◢ Mr. Wang Hui (Orange Group)

Together with international telecommunications operators such as Orange Group and British Telecom, Huawei, ZTE, Nokia and other industry colleagues, Sacred Sun was invited to attend this forum.

Based on the global telecommunications industry, this forum will share the relevant domestic and international industrial policies, share the successful cases at home and abroad, and deeply explore the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy development in the telecom industry in the 5G era, so as to promote the development of circular economy in the telecommunications industry and jointly meet the challenges of global resources and environmental issues.

Ms. Brigitte Dumont (Orange Group)

◢ Ms. Brigitte Dumont (Orange Group)

Ms. Brigitte Dumont from Orange Group made the key report on the Orange Group and Circular Economy, sharing the experience of Orange Group in integrating the circular economy into the organization and business processes.

Mr. Christophe Debien (expert of OCCE)

◢ Mr. Christophe Debien (expert of OCCE)

Mr. Christophe Debien, the OCCE expert (European Organization of Climate and Circular Economy) , analyzed the European circular economy policy and let everyone know about the leading and promoting role of regional economic policies in the global telecom circular economy policy.

Speakers also shared valuable constructive experiences on topics such as the construction of a green supply chain for circular economy and the exploration of corporate practices.

Mr. Christophe Debien (expert of OCCE)

◢ Round-table Discussion

The invited industry guests had a round-table discussion on the subject about the 5G era with the circular economy, and dedicated a feast for the integration of the circular economy of the telecom industry.

As a green energy product supplier in the telecommunications industry, Sacred Sun continues to build a green recycling product system, implement the principles of “ecological design”, “green manufacturing”, “source control” and “recycling” to achieve “green selection and green production”. , transport green, use green, and open up a full-line recyclable chain of products "production, use, recycling".

exchanged energy-saving products

◢ Mr. Felix Wei (VP of Sacred Sun)

Mr. Felix Wei, VP of Sacred Sun, exchanged energy-saving products deployed  in the telecommunications industry with Ms. Brigitte Dumont.

Committed to the circular economy, Sacred Sun will continue to provide customers with green recycling products and practice social responsibility for creating green, low-carbon, harmonious ecological environment and a bright future.

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