Sacred Sun will donate emergency supplies for our overseas customers in order to fight for COVID-19
Date : 2020-03-27

In Sacred Sun, the safe and well-being of employees, customers and the whole society has always been our highest concern.

Since the orderly resumption of work on February 10, Sacred Sun has strictly implemented the requirements for epidemic prevention and control in order to ensure the health and safety of employees. Meanwhile, we has made every effort to ensure that customer orders delivered as scheduled.

During the outbreak in China, many customers of Sacred Sun expressed condolences and concerns of the health and safety to our employees through different channels and ways. In addition, they donated FFP2 masks and medical protective mask for us, which fully reflected the close relationship between Sacred Sun and our international customers. 

Sacred Sun will donate emergency supplies for our overseas customers in order to fight for COVID-19

With the domestic epidemic gradually under control, however, some countries gradually have been affected by spread of the epidemic recently. We are always concerned the health and safety of our customers and employees of our overseas subsidiaries.

Sacred Sun contacted overseas customers and various subsidiaries as soon as possible to provide them with guidelines for epidemic prevention and to help improve protection awareness and measures. Meanwhile, Sacred Sun quickly purchased a large number of masks to support overseas customers to fight the epidemic with our practical actions.

Starting at March 22, our donated medical protective masks have been sent to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South American, Australia and other regions to our partners, which give our global partners the sincere help.

“Lands apart, sky shared”.

In the face of the epidemic, we are in the community with a shared future for humanity. Sacred Sun Power will continue to dedicate love, pass on care, and work with global partners to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties together.

We firmly believe that with the joint support of people from all countries in the world, we will be able to defeat the COVID19 and win the epidemic war!

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