Christmas greetings from Sacred Sun Europe
Date : 2020-12-25

Today is Christmas Day. We received our colleagues’ greetings from Sacred Sun Europe. Their warm wishes encourage us, and their unity and progressive spirit inspires us. In 2020, the overseas epidemic is still spreading, but they failed to stop the progress of Sacred Sun Europe. They maintained a positive and optimistic attitude and the concept of honest management, and reached the annual business goal successfully. Let us thank them together. Merry Christmas, wish them happiness and health!

We also express our sincere gratitude to all colleagues of Sacred Sun Europe. Just like what they said:" Our Chinese and Europe team must maintain unity and initiative. We unite as one team and overcome all difficulties."

On the road of internationalization, we work hard together!

The following is the content of the blessings from Sacred Sun Europe team:

Dear Colleagues:

Despite the health crisis, this year has gone well and we have made progress. The success of Sacred Sun Europe is linked to the involvement and work of everyone!

Our Sino-Europe team must remain united and reactive.

We must implement a global Europe strategy to continue our progress by responding to the needs and habits of Europe customers.

Our cultures are different, but the motivation, dynamism, perseverance and honesty of each of us will benefit everyone and enable us to achieve the best for Sacred Sun.

Thank you all for your collaboration.

I don't know if some of our Chinese colleagues and friends will be celebrating Christmas but in any case we wish you all to get together as a family and enjoy it. Take care of yourselves.

Our best wishes for health and happiness for the new year.

Yours sincerely

Christophe Darmaillacq

Director of Sacred Sun Europe

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