Sacred Sun made its debut at Data Centre World Frankfurt 2019 in Germany
Date : 2019-11-28

November 13th-14th, 2019, the Data Centre World Frankfurt 2019 was held in Frankfurt. As the largest independent data center exhibition in Central Europe, Data Centre World Frankfurt has also become a hotspot for the entire European data center. It shows the development status of the entire data center industry, and provides a stage for the data center industry to display, communicate and exchange ideas.

2019 Frankfurt data world centre

In cooperation with local partners, Sacred Sun participated in the Data Centre World Frankfurt 2019 for the first time.

Sacred Sun displayed data center solutions to meet different application scenarios. These green energy solutions adopt different battery technologies, including ordinary AGM technology, high temperature technology, GEL technology, thin plate pure lead technology, and lithium ion technology, which can meet the needs of different grades of data centers for standby time.

During the exhibition, Sacred Sun shared the current data center development trends with the participating industry elites, and communicated the pain points of energy solutions on site. Sacred Sun's safe and reliable green power solution has received great attention and recognition from our customers. New and old friends from all over the world also came to booth # 510 for observation and exchange.

2019 frankfurt data center world

Open the boundaries, listen with heart and win-win cooperation! Sacred Sun focuses on customer needs, continuously improves product quality and service capabilities, and helps customers to build the best optimized data center solutions!

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