Sacred Sun FHL Horizontal Front Terminal Battery has been designed specifically for applications which demand the highest levels of security and reliability. The monoblocs have excellent deep cycle, fast charge and high temperature resistant performance. The compact design makes it as an optimal choice for 23" cabinets.
PDF Battery Type Nominal
Nominal Capacity /(Ah,25⁰C) Dimension(mm) Weight
( kg)
Short cricuit current IR (mohm,25⁰C) Terminal
C10 1.80VpC L W H TL (A)
FHL12-100 12 100 367.5 110 295 378 34.2 2680 4.3 GFM-34
FHL12-150 12 150 541 125 310 551.5 55.1 3220 3.9 GFM-34
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