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Sacred Sun won the bid for China Mobile's outdoor small integrated DC power supply product procurement project

2021-06-09SACRED SUNshare

On June 4th, China Mobile announced the winning candidate of "China Mobile Centralized Procurement of Outdoor Small-scale Integrated DC Power Products from 2021 to 2022", and Sacred Sun won the bid for the second package of 6KW products with a 13.04% share.

Outdoor small integrated DC power supply is an outdoor/indoor distributed power supply solution developed by integrating "power + battery" to solve the problem of back-up power at the end of small and micro base stations. This product is mainly used in 4G and 5G communication base stations to provide stable and reliable power guarantee for RRU, AAU and other communication equipment. With the construction growth rate of 5G base stations and the continuous expansion of 5G-based network applications, the outdoor small-scale integrated DC power supply market will usher in explosive growth.

Sacred Sun has always followed the needs of market development and quickly developed products that fit the market and the customers demand. For the 4G and 5G end base station backup power market, Sacred Sun has successively launched 2kW, 3kW and 6kW outdoor small integrated DC power supply products. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and convenient installation and maintenance. The system adopts high-efficiency power supply topology, natural heat dissipation, and high reliability. The system provides a variety of communication methods, and can use the short-range Bluetooth APP and the remote wireless monitoring platform to set various parameters easily, which is intelligent and flexible. The series of products (including li-ion battery products) have a consistent appearance design, and support multiple installation modes such as wall mounting, pole mounting, and side mounting.

Sacred Sun focuses on the positioning of green smart energy service providers, and will continue to provide power for the development of 5G-related industries, and also works with the Chinese communications industry to create new momentum for the global 5G industry.