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Sacred Sun won the bid for the centralized procurement project of China Telecom's lead-acid battery products

2020-12-23SACRED SUNshare

After winning the bid for China Mobile's centralized procurement project of Class I lead-acid battery products from 2020 to 2021 last month, our company has recently passed good news and won the bid for China Telecom's common lead-acid battery (2020) centralized procurement project, the distribution share is about 300,000 KVAh, which will bring stable orders for the company's continuous growth in the lead acid battery market in the next year!

The winning of the bid not only enables our company to return to the top three in China Telecom's lead acid battery market, and continuously narrows the gap with leading companies, also further consolidates and enhances our company's brand influence and market share of lead acid battery field in the telecom operator!


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