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Sacred Sun was listed on the 2022 China Top 500 Energy Enterprises

2022-12-09SACRED SUNshare

On 2, December, the 2022 China Top 500 Energy Enterprises list was released, and Sacred Sun was listed on it. This is an affirmation of Sacred Sun’s commitment to green energy development.

This list was jointly held by China Energy News and China Energy Economics Research Institute for the public welfare evaluation of the domestic energy industry. Based on the annual operating income of enterprises, it clarifies the pattern of China's energy industry, determines the market position of China's energy enterprises. It focuses on the future development potential and profitability of energy enterprises, and guides the development of the energy industry.

Over the past three decades, Sacred Sun has focused on the development of three major energy fields: Network Power, Smart Energy and Green Power. Its brand influence and market share in the new energy storage, communication backup, data center, power market, rail transit, industrial vehicles and other market segments have continued to increase.

Sacred Sun provides service for hundreds of customers in various fields and makes positive contributions to the development of the energy market and the realization of the goal of "double carbon".