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Top 10 Popular Keywords in the Energy Storage Industry in 2023 (6-10)

2024-03-22SACRED SUNshare

06 20 foot cabinet 5MWh era is coming

Along with the increase in battery cell capacity, the energy density integrated into the energy storage system is also significantly increasing. The industry's most eye-catching achievement is the implementation of a 20 foot cabinet with a capacity of 5MWh+. Currently, more than ten companies have officially announced that they can achieve system integration of this specification.

Liquid-cooled Energy Storage Container

Liquid-cooled Energy Storage Container

07 Energy storage company's IPO blocked

Starting from the second half of 2023, the path for energy storage companies to go public has become difficult. The possible reason why IPO cannot be approved is that the China Securities Regulatory Commission believes that some energy storage companies lack core competitiveness.

08 Grid type energy storage has just entered the public's field of vision

In 2023, grid based energy storage will initially enter the public eye. This requires adding new control strategies to the energy storage system on the new energy side, enabling it to have the frequency regulation and voltage control capabilities of synchronous generators or similar synchronous generators, forming a grid type energy storage system. The reason is that the proportion of new energy generation is rapidly increasing, and the power system is gradually showing two characteristics: a high proportion of renewable energy and a high proportion of power electronic equipment. The production structure, operating mechanism, and functional form of the power system are undergoing profound changes, and problems such as low inertia, low damping, and weak voltage support are becoming prominent. The safe and stable operation of the power system is facing severe challenges.

09 Preliminary commercialization of liquid flow energy storage

Liquid flow batteries have inherent safety characteristics and advantages in energy storage fields with high safety requirements. In 2023, more than ten companies in the field of liquid flow energy storage have received capital financing. After a new round of cost reduction, the construction unit price of liquid flow energy storage projects has been reduced to around 3 yuan/Wh, and some projects are currently attempting to take a commercial and market-oriented approach.

10 New types of energy storage receive key policy support

In 2023, the position of new energy storage will be further strengthened, and policies supporting the development of new energy storage will be introduced from the national to local levels, encouraging and promoting the development of new energy storage. The market size will reach over one trillion yuan.

New energy storage is a crucial part of building an integrated new energy system that integrates sources, networks, loads, and storage. It is the next stop of the new energy industry, and the importance of new energy storage in achieving the dual carbon goals has become a consensus.