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GGII: Top 10 Trends in China's New Energy Storage Market in 2024 (4)

2024-04-25SACRED SUNshare

Prediction 9: Sodium ion batteries and large cylinders are expected to be applied in household storage, and 2024 will be the first year of large-scale expansion of large cylinders

There are currently over 30 companies (including sodium battery companies) developing and laying out large cylindrical batteries. Most types of large cylindrical batteries have been mass-produced, and their terminal applications are mainly aimed at energy storage and low battery power markets (including lithium-ion light vehicles, etc.).


Most types of large cylindrical batteries have been mass-produced

It is expected that 2024 will be the concentrated release period of domestic large cylindrical battery production capacity. Large cylindrical batteries have significant development space in household storage and industrial and commercial storage fields.

Meanwhile, in 2024, sodium ion batteries will take the lead in commercial applications in household energy storage, electric two wheeled vehicles, A00 level passenger cars, and base station energy storage. With the continuous improvement of scale and manufacturing processes, the price of sodium ion batteries will continue to steadily decline, driving their large-scale application in more fields such as industrial and commercial energy storage.

Prediction 10: The shipment volume of all vanadium flow batteries will exceed GW for the first time in 2024, and the system price will be reduced to 2 yuan/Wh (RMB).