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Sacred Sun battery technology road map (1)

2019-05-23SACRED SUNshare

Sacred Sun battery technology road map


From AGM to GEL, from lead-carbon to thin plate pure lead technology (TPPL), battery technology has undergone revolutionary innovation and transformation.

Let’s review Sacred Sun battery technology road map.




Sacred Sun VRLA batteries use the latest innovations, high purity raw materials and many patented technologies that ensure high quality and excellent performance with +99% gas recombination efficiency.

All batteries are sealed, non-spillable and maintenance free. They are safe for transportation and 100% recyclable.



"Our high reliability VRLA AGM battery range is available both in front and top terminals. The selection is optimal for Standby use in various environments from Telecommunication to UPS and Industrial Applications. Sacred Sun’s special technology, High Temperature Battery, is designed for high ambient temperatures to prolong service life and reduce needs for cooling."



" VRLA GEL batteries utilize advanced battery manufacturing technologies. The range is available both in tubular and flat plates and designed to meet highest reliability requirements both in Standby and Cyclic use. The flat plate models are available also in front terminals. 

Sacred Sun GEL technology has good cyclic and high-low temperature performance, special electrolyte design and good charge acceptance ability. It can be used in high-low temperature environment with poor grid condition as well in different Renewable Energy applications. "



Lead Carbon battery is the new generation Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery with ultra-long deep cycle life. Advanced lead carbon and manufacturing technologies ensure superior cell performance uniformity and reliability. It is excellent at Energy Storage and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) conditions. Its modular design and compact structure saves space and enables easy installation.