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Sacred Sun battery technology road map (2)

2019-05-31SACRED SUNshare


High Power and High Energy long life batteries are used in UPS and Telecommunication applications and are optimal for fast charge. They are produced with fully automatic Con-Casting-Punch-Paste (CCPP) plate manufacturing, reliable assembly and intelligent formation technology. Pure lead grid due to its enhanced corrosion resistance ensures long float service life at elevated temperatures. Thin plate design with optimized positive and negative plate active material provides large chemical reaction surface area, high power density and low resistance cycle.


Powercan is an important brand for Motive Power of Sacred Sun. Powercan batteries are designed according to DIN and BS standards. They are produced using advanced spine caster and acid circulation system ensuring high quality and good cyclic performance. Sacred Sun E-Trek series is optimal for E-Vehicles, Forklifts and Golf Cars.


SmartPower 48V Lithium-Ion battery provides maintenance free energy storage in compact volume. Scalable 19” modules from 10 to 800 Ah are easy and convenient to install. SmartPower combines high operational reliability with outstanding life time under the most difficult environmental conditions. Its integrated BMS supports RS232/RS485 port connections and ASCII, Modbus RTU and SNMP protocols for remote communication.

Suitable for different user needs, in different application scenarios and conditions, our different technology batteries can be perfectly reflected in the cost savings of customers. So Sacred Sun has been working hard to make each technology product solution applied to your demand system. Why not choose them?