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Innovation driven technology R & D, Sacred Sun escorts the efficient operation of the data center

2021-10-28SACRED SUNshare

On October 20, the intelligent data center construction and operation and maintenance forum was held in Beijing. With the theme of "seeking new development of science and technology and creating a new pattern of the industry", the summit focused on the breakthrough of key technologies and green development and upgrading of the IT industry, summarized the innovation achievements, innovation trends, new characteristics and new opportunities of the industry, and analyzed and discussed the difficulties and problems encountered by the industry.

How to provide low-carbon and efficient power supply services for the information system and energy storage system of the data center, this proposition puts forward higher requirements for the power supply industry. Mr. Duan Biao, domestic marketing director of Sacred Sun, introduced that the information system and energy storage system of the data center need to be supported by more efficient products. Aimed at saving energy, reducing consumption and increasing service life or cycle times, Sacred Sun increased product innovation and R & D, innovated service value and provided services for the data center industry more efficiently.

Sacred Sun won the award of "Excellent data center service provider"

Following the national policy requirements and the development needs of the industry, Sacred Sun timely launched long-delay LT-A series lithium iron phosphate products and standard SD-A series lithium iron phosphate products, and constantly innovated technical products to meet the needs of the development of high efficiency and energy saving of the industry.

Mr. Kong Hao, deputy chief engineer of market technical support, introduced that compared with traditional technology, high-voltage lithium battery system has obvious advantages in green environmental protection, high power density and long life. This high-voltage lithium battery system can effectively reduce the comprehensive operation cost of data center. The safety and reliability of lithium battery system are effectively improved through leading power supply technology, strict production process and process control, so as to make the data center safer, more reliable and more energy-saving.

Kong hao made the key note about data center

"The high-voltage lithium battery system is only an epitome of Sacred Sun R & D of new technologies and products. Sacred Sun has always been committed to the R & D of new technologies and products, striving to provide better and efficient services for the data center and build a green environmental protection data center." Mr. Duan Biao said.

It is understood that Sacred Sun has been deeply engaged in the power supply industry for more than 30 years, and has formed a series of power supply products with lead-acid battery, lithium battery, new energy products and 5G communication power supply. Sacred Sun has been one of the leading enterprises in the power industry.