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TPPL -(2) Where is target market segment for thin plate pure lead batteries?

2019-06-20SACRED SUNshare

Compared with traditional lead acid batteries, the advanced technology thin plate pure lead batteries have the advantages over the conventional ones. The TPPL batteries have given the effective solutions to solve the problems such as short service life, poor uniformity and rapid charge and discharge in the high temperature environment faced by the conventional lead-acid battery. Thin-plate pure lead batteries can be widely used in the field of high reliability requirements (such as military, aerospace, subway, petrochemical, banking, etc.).

Currently, the main market segments for thin plate lead batteries (scenarios):
(1) High temperature/low temperature environment where the ambient temperature is poor;
(2) Remote site/outdoor site/indoor distribution station with limited footprint;
(3) Unstable (frequent blackouts) and poor power condition areas;
(4) Solar energy storage system with deep discharge.
(5) UPS applications, data centers, and industry segments.



Under the very common UPS application conditions, most of the batteries are short-time high current (power) discharge and shallow cycle load mode. Due to product characteristics, safety, large maintenance, etc., traditional VRLA batteries and other chemical power sources can’t fully meet these requirements. Thin plate pure lead battery with its high power, long floating life, fast charge and discharge, wide temperature range, uniformity and other advantages solve the above sore point.